Wells Fargo standing by accuracy of foreclosure affidavits

Wells Fargo has deliberately pushed non-White customers towards, “exotic and costly mortgages they did not fully understand and could not afford,” to the point that Ferguson’s current foreclosure rate.

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In Alabama, a federal bankruptcy judge ruled last month that Wells Fargo & Co. had filed at least 630 sworn affidavits containing false. the absence of cases involving the foreclosure fiasco seems.

vacate, the foreclosure purchaser, Wells Fargo, sued for unlawful detainer.. Fargo's standing to bring this unlawful detainer action stems solely from. escrow fund was not accurate, and Wells Fargo (or its predecessors) had not given the.. (See App. Reply Br., at 7 (and affidavit provided in their Reply.

to find a scraggly-haired summons server standing on his stoop. could not help him and that he needed to get a lawyer. Wells Fargo spokeswoman Vickee J. Adams says Marconi was named in the.

5/3/11- SAN FRANCISCO WELLS FARGO ARRESTS PROTESTERS OF  BANK HOME FORECLOSURES Wells Fargo & Co., conceding that some foreclosure affidavits "did not strictly adhere to the required. surfaced showing employees signed papers without ensuring their accuracy. Bank of America,

complete the Hardship Affidavit in which you disclose the nature of your hardship. The Hardship Affidavit informs you of. make important certifications, representations and agreements, including certifying that all of the information in this Borrower Assistance Form is accurate and truthful. fannie mae/freddie Mac form 710 page 1 of 4.

"Our records show that Wells Fargo’s foreclosure affidavits are accurate," said company spokeswoman Vickee Adams. When the company finds employees that don’t follow procedure, it takes "corrective.

Mario and Lendy Rodriguez (“the homeowners”) appeal a final judgment of foreclosure entered in favor of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. d/b/a America’s Servicing Company (“the bank”), contending that the bank failed to establish standing to foreclose. We agree and reverse.

Standing. When reviewing and investigating a foreclosure complaint, affidavits and legal documents asserting the lender's right to foreclosure, despite. Bank of America and Wells Fargo all called a halt to foreclosure actions in 23 states.. to process thousands of foreclosures without verifying the accuracy of the data).

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Wells Fargo & Co., the biggest U.S. home lender, said it will file supplemental foreclosure affidavits to courts in about 55,000. showing employees signed papers without ensuring their accuracy..